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We imagine a Houston where citizens can easily engage in the budgeting processes of City of Houston and Harris County, with a focus on holistic forms of community safety.

“The maintenance of someone’s well-being concerning all of the components of their existence including people’s spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical safety.” – Public safety as re-imagined by youth leaders in Houston

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Traffic Stops.

HPD conducts hundreds of thousands of traffic stops every year, and Houston drivers are far more likely to experience police violence during traffic stops than in other Texas cities. Houston police agencies also frequently conduct dangerous car chases, placing residents at risk.

Surveillance Technology.

The City of Houston, Harris County, and Spring Branch ISD have purchased ShotSpotter, a costly and controversial technology that involves microphones installed in communities that experience gun violence.

Police Budget.

Police are the largest expense in the operating budgets for the City of Houston and Harris County. Due to the state’s anti-defund law, local governments face severe restrictions in reducing police spending.

tools & resources

Understanding Policing in Houston.

An introduction to how the money behind HPD works.

Get to know the Houston Budget.

Learn about the City of Houston budget for Fiscal Year 2022 with an interactive tool.

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There are great ways to stay engaged and learn more through community! Under each topic, we have listed organizations that are advocating for change with the issue area listed. You are encouraged to reach out to them directly, attend their meetings, and support their activities!